Solar Plan By Modi

On April 19th, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate 15 solar power projects to nation at Charanka Solar Park. In all, 15 solar projects completed in 16 months will produce 650 mw of solar power.

Talking to a group of Solar Power Developers Forum here today, Chief Minister Narendra Modi said that Gujarat is poised to be world’s solar energy capital. He lauded the Forum’s vision for path breaking initiative.

Besides other initiatives, he said that Gujarat Government would soon come out with a ‘Rooftop Solar Policy’. Gujarat has already sent a letter to the Prime Minister to develop a system along the 1,500-km India-Pakistan international border to not only produce power but also put in place a solar-powered defence mechanism.

Mr. Modi said that Gujarat is capable of accepting the challenges of Global Warming and Climate Change and taking the lead in India to provide succor to the humanity. It is not just a matter of pride but showing direction to the nation.

The Solar Park Developers Forum praised the Gujarat Government’s proactive energy policy for early completion of the projects in 16 months which speak volumes.

Principal Energy Secretary D.J. Pandian was also present during the meeting.